Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An experience rooted in boredom

What makes someone's life interesting enough to document? Is it interesting life experiences? Unusual interests? Constant world travel? And who is the authority on what's worth sharing in one's life and what isn't?

This blog is really just an outlet for my restlessness and boredom this summer. I've always been a voracious reader, more so this summer with time on my hands, but I figure maybe if I share what I read, I can take my reading experience to an even higher level. Along the way, I will probably end up sharing other things - like interesting life experiences, world travel (Chicago is a city in the world ... right?), and other interests. We'll see what happens. Who knows - maybe like in Julie and Julia, my blog will get noticed and made into a major motion picture, but we'll get there if we get there haha.

This blog is really just a way for the world to get a glimpse into the mind of Anna. So, are you in for the adventure?

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